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Slideshow and Theme Settings Removal

  • Nicholas Peloso

    Thanks for the help!!

    Comment posted September 13, 2013

  • Sergii Velykorodnov

    Hello Nicholas,

    About the theme settings panel. There are 2 variants:

    1. From the header.tpl file, remove this code:

    <div id="panel">
      <a href="#" class="panel_button"></a>
      <div class="inner">
        <h5>Theme settings</h5>
        <p>Background color:</p>
        <ul class="tools_list bg_colors">
            <a href="javascript:set_bg_color(bgcolor1);" class="color1"><span></span></a>
            <a href="javascript:set_bg_color(bgcolor2);" class="color2"><span></span></a>
            <a href="javascript:set_bg_color(bgcolor3);" class="color3"><span></span></a>
            <a href="javascript:set_bg_color(bgcolor4);" class="color4"><span></span></a>
            <a href="javascript:set_bg_color(bgcolor5);" class="color5"><span></span></a>
            <a href="javascript:set_bg_color(bgcolor6);" class="color6"><span></span></a>
        <p>Background pattern:</p>
        <ul class="tools_list pattern_bg">
            <a href="javascript:set_bg_image(bgimage1);" class="pattern1"><span></span></a>
            <a href="javascript:set_bg_image(bgimage2);" class="pattern2"><span></span></a>
            <a href="javascript:set_bg_image(bgimage3);" class="pattern3"><span></span></a>
            <a href="javascript:set_bg_image(bgimage4);" class="pattern4"><span></span></a>
        <div class="button_wrap1">
          <a href="javascript:reset();" class="button">Reset</a>

    2. Or just set #panel { display: none; } in the stylsheet.css file.


    About the main slider:

    Here you have all the options for the iosSlider https://iosscripts.com/iosslider/#settings-and-options

    The settings for your slider is in this javascript file:

        snapToChildren: true,
        desktopClickDrag: true,
        infiniteSlider: true,
        keyboardControls: true,
        navNextSelector: $('.next'),
        navPrevSelector: $('.prev'),
        navSlideSelector: $('.selectors .item'),
        onSlideChange: slideChange,
        autoSlide: true

    So you will need only to add "autoSlide" as True and it will work.

    Comment posted September 13, 2013

  • Nicholas Peloso

    I figured out how to make the slideshow move automatically but how do you remove the theme settings square from the left hand side?

    Comment posted September 13, 2013

  • Nicholas Peloso
    Hello, Do you know how to make the slideshow move automatically instead of only moving when manually clicked? Also how do you remove the theme setting panel that pops up on the side? Thank you for your help!!

    Comment posted September 12, 2013

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